A designers journey

When I started “LA Seen” I swore I would never create a style blog, and yet here I am after the first entry writing about an amazingly talented lingerie designer. Jennifer Standley is an independent designer who has done it all on her own and after two years of selling one of a kind pieces on Etsy she is ready to launch her own line in independent shops across Los Angeles. Jennifer’s style is the quintessential independent design look that will define LA fashion in the coming years. Her line is vintage inspired and elegantly executed. There is a charming sensibility (boyishly charming) yet flirty and very feminine. Her pieces are naturally sexy and effortlessly playful. Woman of any age will want to lounge around their homes all day without wanting to get fully dressed, or throw on something sheer to show off.

Los Angeles will play an important role in the indi-capitalist movement and designers like Jennifer will take center stage. In the end, I guess this is not really a style piece, but an inspired success story for those who have always wanted to follow their dreams.

Follow Jennifer on her blog, Jennifer and Georgia: A Designer’s Journey from Dream to Launch and look for news of her launch coming soon.